Sam King’s (b. 1995) practice explores diverse issues including subjective experience and human relationships in the digital age, transhumanism, and the utopian and dystopian potentialities of technological progress.


Technically, his work combines traditional and ‘virtual’ registers of paint to obscure the boundary between organic and technologized life. The artist montages heterogeneous references drawn from art history, computer generated software and internet imagery, to explore the hybrid nature of contemporary experience.


King’s latest work grows out of a recent diagnosis with an autoimmune condition. Confronted with the organic limitations of his body and its reliance on synthetic enhancements to maintain function, he questions the implications of technological integration and augmentation to the self.

Often he depict proxies of his own body, exploring the emotional implications of bodily failure, and expectations of virility surrounding masculinity and youth.


Ultimately, King’s work speaks to a moment in time where through technology our bodies and selves are continually reimagined, transcending previous limitations in both our individual function and cultural norms, yet also liquidating previously integral parts of our human nature.



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Turps Off Site Course 2021-2022

The Art Academy, Fine Art Diploma, 2015-2018 


Prizes and Awards. 

2020 – ACS Studio Prize - Shortlisted

2018 - Jorge Aguilar-Agon Student Artist Award - Winner 

            LSM Art Award – Winner of Popular Vote 




PADA studios, Lisbon, Portugal


Art House Holland, Holland

Auc Art Lab, London 


Jardin Orange Artist Residency, Shenzhen, China 

Selected Press.

2021 – ‘Both Sides of Here: Artistic Encounters at the Threshold’                Magazine

2020 – The Flux Review Issue 4 

             Art Hole Issue 4

2019 – Veneno Magazine Issue 1 (February)  - Interview 

2018 - Fine Art + Framing Today June Edition

            Average Art Magazine May Edition 

2016 - Inside Street Art Melbourne

2015 - Street Art: Australia


Solo Shows.

Selected Group exhibitions. 


'Permanent Temporary' London Design Week, The Bottle Factory, London

‘Pulp’ The Florence Trust, London

Rea Fair, Milan, Italy

Group Show, Electroworx, London


'Not yet, No' PADA Studios, Portugal


'Time and Space' The Old School Gallery, Leiden,

The End is Nigh, The Library, London.

'Secret Art Show' Milan.

Student Charity Auction, Sothebys Institute, London

End of Residency Show, Auc Art, London.


Graduate Show, The Art Academy, London 

Guild Artists Exhibition, Stratford-Upon Avon & London



To be Continued, Menier Gallery, London 

Wheel2Wall, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 

Summer Show, Jardin Orange Gallery, Shenzhen, China 



Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal 

Art Lover Ground, Café 1001, London 



Temporary Autonomous Art, The Birds Nest, London