Sam King (b. 1995)


Sam King is a British Artist, Living and Working in London. His practice investigates issues pertaining to ourinner nature: notions of being and the relationship between the body and theself. He deconstructs the human form and subverts selfhood, to explore thefigure in transition. His work draws on subjective experience in thecontemporary age in order to examine the possibilities of transcendence. By interpretingthe body as a site where meaning is produced, he attempts to pose questionsabout our existentialist existence as human beings.  

King’s work converses with the history of representation asa way to duplicate bodily presence. he draws on the chiaroscuro techniques ofthe Old Masters aimed to inspire a visceral sense of veneration and awe. Yetunlike their ideal of a divinely inspired, biographically coherent subject,King distort this agenda, fragmenting and abjecting the body. The result is awork that is shaped by indeterminacy, situated at a juncture between the realmsof sacred and profane. The aim is not to resolve the relationship between bodyand self, but rather to investigate into its fluidity and contingency. Bysimultaneously inviting and denying identification, His practice aims toprovide triggers in which normative notions of identity can be confronted inorder to encourage self-reflexivity.



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BRLO Brwhouse Berlin 

Sketch Studios 

Port Phillip City Council 

The Cheshire Cat Club Berlin

Shoreditch Art Wall 

Studio 338


Inside Street Art Melbourne (2016)

Street Art: Australia (2015)

Devon Coast and Country (2014) 

The Weekly Review (2015)



Group show, To be Continued, Menier Gallery, London

Group show, Wheel2Wall, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin

Group Show, Jardin Orange Gallery, Shenzhen, China 


Group show,Boom Festival, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal 

Group show, Manor art festival, The Omnitorium, London  

Group show, Art Lover Ground, Café 1001, London

Group show, Breaking borders, New River Studios, London 


Group show, Temporary Autonomous Art, The Birds Nest, London          

Group show, Ozora Festival, Hungary 

Group show, Maitreya Festival, Melbourne 


Solo show, Urban Burger, Exeter, U.K 

Solo show, The Zeath Gallery,Polzeath, U.K

Group show, The Marle Gallery, Axminster, U.K

Group show, The Marle Gallery, Axminster, U.K 

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