Sam King (b. 1995)


Sam King is a British Artist, Living and Working in London.Predominately, he works across the mediums of painting, murals and photography.His work records form over a passage of time, in order to discover anintrospective state beyond everyday human experience. The figure issimultaneously transformed and deformed, resulting in an impression removed ofgender, race or class, an essence of a human being. He chooses to isolate theform from any contextualising surroundings in order to escape the narrative,instead focusing on atmospheric and psychological triggers. 



BRLO Brwhouse Berlin 

Sketch Studios 

Port Phillip City Council 

The Cheshire Cat Club Berlin

Shoreditch Art Wall


Inside Street Art Melbourne (2016)

Street Art: Australia (2015)

Devon Coast and Country (2014) 

The Weekly Review (2015)


Boom Festival (2016)

Manor Art Festival (2016)

Art Lover ground (2016) 

Breaking borders (2016)

Temporary Autonomous Art (2015) 

Ozora Festival (2015)

Maitreya Festival (2015) 

The Marle Gallery (2013,2014)

Urban Burger (2014)

The Zeath Gallery (2014) 

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