Sam King (b. 1995)


Sam King is a British Artist, living andworking in London. Having grown up in semi-rural South West England, his initialinterest in graffiti led him to pursue an urban existence, which has enabled todevelop his street art practice. His work fuses figuration with Futurism andEastern imagery/symbology to contemplate form within the dimensions of space and time. He works across the mediums of painting, murals, installation andillustration. Keen to explore diverse cultures, he spends approximately halfhis year in the studio, and half on the road. His practice reflects his urbanenvironment, and he has created street works worldwide. 



BRLO Brwhouse Berlin 

Sketch Studios 

Port Phillip City Council 

The Cheshire Cat Club Berlin

Shoreditch Art Wall


Inside Street Art Melbourne (2016)

Street Art: Australia (2015)

Devon Coast and Country (2014) 

The Weekly Review (2015)


Boom Festival (2016)

Manor Art Festival (2016)

Art Lover ground (2016) 

Breaking borders (2016)

Temporary Autonomous Art (2015) 

Ozora Festival (2015)

Maitreya Festival (2015) 

The Marle Gallery (2013,2014)

Urban Burger (2014)

The Zeath Gallery (2014) 

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